Nov 19, 2010

Poop and where to put all that poop

So I heard that LA County Board of Supervisors was going to ban the plastic bag .

Made me wonder - what are dog owners going to do with all that poop?

Specifically, dog poop?

Yes, I'm aware of the greatest irony that a non-bio-degradable petroleum product is used to encase the most bio-degradable product and then shipped and encased in a landfill where it most likely will bond to create some type of super virus capable of killing us all -- but, golly, they are really good at getting dog poop off your neighbor's lawn.

So one would expect that there will be bio-friendly poop bags popping up in LA stores and other pet supply establishments. More likely much more expensive than we're accustomed to. Sure, dog owners could purchase reusable wood and metal pooper-scoopers on long sticks, that last for years and don't involve handling warm poop with one's hands, albeit through plastic. These may not be as convenient as the disposable bags but they are worth it. And, then, I guess folks will either curb that s#*t or put it in their manicured lawns?

Once again, some county government group, with good intentions are training their constituents to unlearn bad behavior.We can't do this without the nanny government to forcing the issue? Now, can we talk about something besides poop? Doesn't LA government have a couple more pressing issues on their schedule right now?

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