Nov 16, 2010

Breaker Morant

No Pardon For Executed Soldier Breaker Morant

Harry Breaker Morant's execution by firing squad remains one of the most controversial chapters in Australia's military history.

Britain Rejects Pardon For Executed Soldier Breaker Morant

The British government has rejected pleas to grant a royal pardon to Boer War soldier Harry Breaker Morant.

Earlier this year Commander James Unkles, an Australian military lawyer, and Nick Bleszynski, a Scottish-born writer, sent a petition to the Queen, calling for a review of the trials of Lieutenant Morant and his co-accused Peter Handcock and George Witton.

The trio were found guilty of the murder of 12 prisoners of war more than 100 years ago in South Africa. Despite arguing that they had simply been following orders, Morant and Handcock were executed by firing squad in Pretoria in 1902. Witton was sentenced to life in prison but was freed in 1904.

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An example had to be made so that the Generals and their political masters could say that (on principle) they are/were against the execution of prisoners of war. Unfortunately for Harry Breaker Morant .... he was to be the example of this policy. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong everything.[Thanks War News Update]

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