Sep 9, 2010

Pharaoh Rahmses

The NYTimes wrote an article on parchment - so therefore it's on the Official Agenda.

Pharaoh Rahmses shall be running to take the place of Pharaoh Daley, as it has been deemed by Rah. Daley's tomb is complete... mostly because of cost overruns and the Feds beating back his patronage hiring city wide. The failure to woo Greece and their traveling sporting contest, and privatizing the donkey and horse stalls hasn't exactly left good favor with the citizenry. And all the violence and rotting schools... but the plantings in the court yard sure are nice!

More importantly, since all the money in the Kingdom has been doled out to cousins, cronies and lawyers to pay for corruption defenses -- one wonders why Rahmses would even consider ascending to the thrown now? He's got a plush job whispering in the ear of the highest priest in the land... why settle for little old Chicagoland? One would expect that assignment to be beneath his highness?

Perhaps there are still a few hidden coins in the treasury, or perhaps it's just too good an offer to pass on? Maybe he just wants to have an airport in Peotone named for him?

Nomination scrolls must be filed by Nov. 22 for the Feb. 22 election.

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