Aug 31, 2010

Wife Beater Hurricane

Ah my friends at the AP are at it again. Apparently they just couldn't leave hurricane Earl alone. They just HAD to write it as if Earl's a wife beater.

*pssst* it was the name of a Dixie Chick song where they killed Earl for beating up his wife...

Give the gang at AP another two days, and they'll tell you how Earl proves that Al Gore was right about global warming.

UPDATE: the internet is full of this picture - > View larger image and the fear of where that sucker is going to hit.

Danielle and Earl Dueling in the Atlantic: Earl Threat to U.S. East Coast

Danielle and Earl are both spinning around in the Atlantic Ocean and NASA's Terra satellite captured one image of both storms at the same time, one in the Caribbean and the other approaching the North Atlantic Ocean. Both are expected to impact land.

Danielle is transitioning to an extra-tropical storm in the northern Atlantic and may impact southern Greenland. Before Earl reached hurricane status NASA's GRIP Hurricane Mission researchers flew out to analyze the storm. Earl is now threatening the U.S. east coast and earlier today, August 30, he became a major hurricane.

He's drunk, unemployed, and looking for that bitch Danielle who didn't get the blood stain out of his best overalls.

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