Aug 3, 2010

US Plan to Bomb Iran. Bomb bomb bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran

The US does have a plan to bomb the living hell out of Iran...

Bombers, Missiles Could End Iran Nukes: Pentagon Has Plan For Attack -- Washington Times... not just John McCain.

A Pentagon strike against Iran would rely heavily on the B-2 bomber and cruise missiles to try to destroy the regime's ability to make nuclear weapons, analysts say, after the top U.S. military officer said a war plan is in place.

The missiles, fired from surface ships, submarines and B-52 bombers, would take out air defenses and nuclear-related facilities.

The B-2s would drop tons of bombs, including ground penetrators, onto fortified and buried sites where Tehran is suspected of enriching uranium to fuel the weapons and working on warheads.

I've been talking about this since the FIRST Iraq war... which means that all this report means is that there's already been a lot of saber rattling and rhetoric - and this is just some more of the same course. Economic sanctions has been the preferred route, the U.S. military option has always been vague and short of specifics - as it should be.

The current course of big talk will continue until Iran announces that they have enough enriched nuclear material to produce a small nuclear arsenal. Until then .... I expect more veiled threats and international posturing.

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NeverMind said...

If this came to pass, they had better do it before the Russians fully set them up with the S300 air defense system. It's an advanced system that would radically improve Iran's air defense capabilities. Their current systems are all 1970's era US systems that are easily defeated with EW and passive stealth systems. My questions is whether or not we could conceive of a joint-operation with Israeli aircraft. I think that would be much worse for the region than the immediate assistance to attempt ridding Iran of its nuclear ambitions. Maybe they'll get their next assassination attempt right and that will put them one step farther away from the bomb.