Aug 29, 2010

Sunday Comics - The Week in Review

It's the end of the week - and here's where we put some crap, er, cap, on the things we didn't get to - or can be summed up with a cartoon.

John McCain continued his quest to continue serving in the Senate until he's 82...

And the image of John McCain lying to Arizona voters reminded me of this one of Obama flat out lying to the American people.

There was a bit of an egg recall. For more information, watch Food, Inc.

And some dope talkshow host got filled out his paperwork to have a love in on the Washington Mall. Much has been written about how he's plagiarizing Obama and how the march is on the same day that Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech there. Frankly, Al Sharpton would have shown the world how far Dr. King's dream has come... oh? But anyway, I feel that, like bad advertising - if you ignore Beck, he'll just go away.

Tiger Wood's divorce was finalized and 2 million Pakistanis are STILL in danger of dying from water borne illnesses. There was another anniversary recognized this weekend, and it was the end of New Orleans. I recommend the documentary Frontline just ran [Law and Disorder] on that situation.

See you next week.

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