Aug 27, 2010

John K Meets Justin Bieber

Legendary Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi sketches Justin Bieber.

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The first time I had ever really heard of this no-talent-ass-clown was on SNL. I think it was the one where Sara Palin came on to plug her movie with Steve Carell? Anyhow, I was thinking - who let this child come on SNL? He couldn't read the teleprompter - not even close. And then when the musical act started, I actually said, get out of the way, kid, the music part is starting up. And when he stayed up there - I guess you can call that 'singing' - I was amazed that their standards had fallen so low in the booking department. I later found out he was an 'internet sensation.' With who, or whom? Certainly not the type of people who are allowed to stay up and watch SNL?

Eh, that's what I get for actually tuning into watch that trainwreck of a television show NBC doesn't have the balls to cancel.

So at least that chunk of a turd Bieber has inspired two works of art - the first, slowing his crap down 800% is about as good as the Tibetan Monk CD I purchased in 1992. The second is posted above you... I also last cared about John K, yeah, right around 1992.

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NeverMind said...

I don't cherish the idea of a child singing to me about how he's going give a woman all kinds of good loving all night long. Its gross in my opinion. I promise you this kid is young enough to say yucky at the sight of the female anatomy. And why has his voice not changed? He's about 17 isn't he? This is yet another example of slick marketing and masses of dumb girls flocking to lame, talentless children like this. I can't wait for this kid to be a yesterday has-been.