Aug 4, 2010

How do you know your stance on immigration reform has gone too far? When Lou Dobbs says 'whoa.'

So the Senate Republicans have been urging repeal of the 14th Amendment as a means of denying citizenship to the children of immigrants. That's harsh. Well, guess who agrees that's too harsh? The king, Lou Dobbs.

Dobbs defended the constitutional amendment which provides birthright citizenship
"The idea that anchor babies somehow require changing the 14th Amendment, I part ways with the Senators on that because I believe the 14th Amendment, particularly in its due process and equal protection clauses, is so important," Dobbs said. "It lays the foundation for the entire Bill of Rights being applied to the states."
So if hard core Mr. Anti-Immigration-Dobbs opposes the GOP push to repeal the 14th Amendment, surely the GOP will see how nuts they are, right? Right? Hello?

Top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee says not so fast. "The Constitution is not as clear as it first appears," Sen. Jeff Sessions (Ala.) told reporters Tuesday. "I continue to hear good Americans explain to me they think it makes no sense." Wut?

Sessions said "we definitely should look at" repealing birthright citizenship, and "I think hearings is a good way to do it." Yeah. Hearings. That'll solve this non-issue that they pulled out of their asses.

Well, look on the bright side... uh, I guess now no one will be qualified to be President? And they apparently don't want anyone to vote Republican anymore!

Look, it's nothing more than pandering to out of work white collar workers who think illegal aliens are taking their jobs -- to play this out to it's illogical conclusion it would take another constitutional amendment, which will require 3/4 of the states to vote for ratification to be adopted. You won't get 38 states voting to ratify a repeal or modification of the 14th amendment. Not even on the craziest day of the insanity fest they're having over there.

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WaffleMan said...

Dude, even Alan Keyes thinks it's nuts.