Aug 21, 2010

Gag Order on Wikileaks

Swedish authorities say they have issued an arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, on accusations of rape and molestation.

Did Julian Assange really do this? Is he drunk with fame and testosterone from Pentagon Papers 2010? Is he really dumb enough to discredit himself and his mission by being this stupid? I don't know - that's up to the courts to sort out - no matter how much cash and time that takes.

No matter what, Wikileaks credibility has been damaged. Pundits and critics will now have something to work with. These allegations will be repeated over and over again to drive home the talking point that Wikileaks in particular, and whistleblowers in general, are criminals.

And it will work. Unfortunately.

And if you were into conspiracy theories and evil counter intelligence agents from Hollywood movies - all you need to do is to make the accusation. You don't have to put him on a plane to Gitmo, or have him killed - just discredit the person, and you've done the damage. Simple and neat.

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Uncle Timmie Rudizuli said...

How right you are! The accusation of rape and abuse are usually enough to discredit and remove from human-status any they are leveled against. Wonder when these acts are alleged to have occurred?