Aug 20, 2010

Fringe Wins

Yesterday, on day 576 of his presidency - the Pew Research group decided to publish data that 18% of Americans believe their president is a Muslim.

On the surface - the study almost proves the Trey/Matt postulate that 1/4 of the population is batshiat nuts.

However, in my tiny mind, questions abound...

Why does such a poll take place? Why would they be asking the general population this question? Do we still not know who our President is? Is this because of the Birthers? Is it because he took a stand, then backed away from his stance on the mosque a couple blocks away from the WTC site? Is it because we see Mr. Obama on the golf course rather than a church Pew? Or is because the White House would rather remove the association with Mr. Obama and Rev. Wright? It worked great in Chicago - not so much the rest of the Nation.

So now we have pollsters that have to ask what religion the sitting president follows. Shouldn't we already know that -- that is, if we give a flitting care? Shouldn't that question been figured out before the Iowa Caucasus?

Is this poll more for the newsmakers to make news out of nothing, as most polls are?

Is this just troll bait for the fringe on both sides to kick up the dust - again - for no good reason? Is it a distraction to the equally useless mosque in New York debate? Is it to distract us from the terrible jobs numbers and the complete failure of Keynesian economic policies to help restart the economy's engine?

No matter the intended purpose - the White House stepped in it. They should have kept their mouths shut. They didn't. They now look stupid. Well, more than usual.

Personally, I think he is agnostic and doesn't dare tell anyone. Shhhh.

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