Aug 2, 2010

Bill Cosby's Nine Lives

Bill Cosby is alive! Proving that social networking is full of it Cosby just put the nix on his own death rumor via tweet. But, FYI, he does have an app for sale!

The Twittersphere is buzzing once again with speculation that Bill Cosby is dead. Tweets and emails began to fly Monday afternoon with questions and reports that the 73-year-old comedian had died.

So far, the rumors seem to be just that, as there has been no official report that the beloved Jell-O, Coke, New Coke, Corporate Spokesman Leonard Park 6 Star, is in fact dead.

Cosby seems to be a favorite among those who start celebrity death rumors on the Web–the same rumor circulated back in March.

As of Friday, Cosby was alive and well, tweeting a telephone joke to his followers. He spent the weekend filming at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Stay tuned and keep checking back. He's bound to die one of these days...

Oh, and in case anyone gave a shiznit about people... Up to two-and-a-half million people have been affected by devastating floods in north-west Pakistan, the International Red Cross has said.

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Cthulhu said...

my condolences to the people of Pakistan. Between Al Queda, corrupt officials aiding Al Queda, & over zealous US soldiers & "contractors," those folks seem to have it roug.

As for Mr. Cosby-
I remember listening to his comedy albums on vinyl with a dear, departed friend. For those cherished moments I am thankful, & forgive the pudding pops & bad TV that came late in the day.