Aug 13, 2010

Big Mormon Push

I'm a surfer, a woman, and a woman's longboard champion. And I'm a Mormon."

Question one - why?

Why would an organized religion need to advertise? Shouldn't their good works and better example lead a path to their doorstep?

One would suggest that it's a thinly veiled attempt by the Mitt Romney camp to de-mystify the Mormon religion so that he can run for president in 2012?

Or is it just a recruiting video?

A 2007 Pew Center poll showed that 18 percent of Americans associate the religion with polygamy, even though the church has banned the practice since the late 19th century. Six percent said they associated Mormonism with terms like "weird" and "cult-like." The religion is one of the world's fastest-growing, with about 13 million members.

"The church's desire here is just to tell people who have no opinion or a negative opinion of Mormons to say, Look it, we're not a bunch of polygamists that wear weird clothes and have a compound in Texas. That's not us, we're just regular folks," Campbell said.

If I'm not allowed in your church - that's a cult.


Seth B said...

Except you are allowed in their churches. You can go in any time the doors are open.

Wally said...

But you are not allowed in their temples, even if one of your family members are getting married in a mormon church, you will be made to stand outside. Hello... Cult!

Furthermore, "one of the fastest growing religions"? Not even close, the church fudges their numbers, the active mormons are nowhere near 13 million.

Also, you posed a good question. Why does the church that have the one true religion need PR campaigns, why not their good works? Because they don't have many good works, instead of helping people, they are building a 4 billion dollar mall in downtown Salt Lake,

Before any mormons come out and say I'm wrong, go do your research. I'm a mormon and have been for 38 years. I know what i'm talking about because I've done my research!