Jul 15, 2010

She Knocks Reid In Her Obituary

Charlotte McCourt passed away this week at the age of 84 after a long illness. But it is not too late for Charlotte to ttell everyone exactly how she feels.

An excerpt from her obituary, placed in the Las Vegas Review Journal Tuesday, reads:
“We believe that Mom would say she was mortified to have taken a large role in the election of Harry Reid to U.S. Congress. Let the record show Charlotte was displeased with his work. Please, in lieu of flowers, vote for another more worthy candidate.”
As John Smith of the Review Journal points out, this kind of thing makes an impact, not because McCourt "was a political player or business powerbroker, but precisely because she was neither of those things. She was a homemaker, proud mother and grand mother and wife of 67 years to Patrick McCourt."

I thought using the death of a loved one for political grandstanding was considered bad form? Well, not anymore. Looks like the obituary section of the paper (what's a paper) is the new political battleground. And note, if you better write your own obit before your kids do - because if you were a terrible parent, they'll tell the world you worked on the Nixon campaign, or Carter, depending which one ruins your reputation more. If I hated my parents, I'd say they worked on the Nixon and Carter campaigns. If I really wanted to punish them, I'd say they were LaRouche supporters.

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