Jul 13, 2010

Race Card Missfire

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert says he "strongly" disagrees with Jesse Jackson's criticism of his recent comments about superstar LeBron James.

When LeBron said he was leaving Cleveland to join the Miami Heat, Gilbert fired off an incendiary letter to Cavs fans, ripping the 25-year-old and calling his decision "cowardly behavior."

Later, Gilbert said that he that he felt the NBA's two-time MVP quit during the playoffs the past two years and that James "has gotten a free pass."

On Sunday, Jackson responded to Gilbert's remarks by saying the Cavs owner sees James as a "runaway slave" and that Gilbert's comments put the player in danger.

Dear Rev. Jackson:

Dan Gilbert managed to look like an ass all on his own. You didn't have to come along and say something to make people forget it. Come on, he promised they'd win without SuperLeBron. That's a big pile of stupid all by itself. Then you pulled up and made an even larger pile of stupid. Bonus: your analogy doesn't work - no slave was ever offered $120 million to stay on the plantation.

PS - You may want to be a tad more concerned about your son trying to purchase that Obama Senate Seat? I can't imagine that heat being be good for the shakedown business?

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