Jul 23, 2010

Not the White Man's Bitch

Ieshuh Griffin is running for state office in Wisconsin, and she wants voters to know she is "NOT the white man's bitch".

She wanted that statement posted under her name on the ballot for state representative, in the place where the candidate's political party would be listed. "Its not racist, its not a slur...its not pointed to a particular person, in my point of view the average politician is a token" Griffin says.

Despite that, for some reason, the state's Government Accountability Board said no, and now Griffin is suing. She says her "freedom of expression" is being "suppressed". GAB spokesman Reid Magney says Griffin was denied because "Staff determined that her language used on her declaration of candidacy is perjorative in nature and does not satisfy the requirements of Wisconsin statutes". One board member asked "what if she just said 'not under the white man's influence? Is that okay?" No direct answer was given.

Griffin is running as an independent, to replace State Representative Annette "Polly" Williams, who is retiring after 30 years in office.

On a blog, which says its paid for by "The Poor People's Piece of the Pie Campaign", a statement attributed to Griffin is posted saying "There currently is...an in-depth corruption within our government... SLAVERY, yes SLAVERY has returned in almost every aspect except name".

Ieshuh has shown her light on the growing racism in the land that is not being addressed. Liberty is always for freedom from intimidation and discrimination. I wish Ieshuh the best of luck in her lawsuit and candidacy. Science knows she knows how to get attention.

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