Jul 20, 2010


Heterosexual, white boy, Methodists.

This song/video is supposedly causing people to get really upset? Politicians are trying to ban it?

The Bellamy Brothers’ newest song release titled “Jalapenos” is being met with great controversy over the lyrics, which are very politically and sexually charged regarding some of the current political and pop-cultural events, such as gun control, immigration issues, and Tiger Woods affairs... sounds a lot like this here blog?

Furthermore, the song is accompanied by a music video featuring actors wearing giant masks, for example Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, and of course girls in string bikinis are featured throughout the video.

The Bellamy Brothers stated that they hope their new song “Jalapenos” does not offend anyone, they were just trying to add a smile to people’s faces as they always have. I wonder if their passports will still be valid on their way home from their European tour?

Seriously though - Banning this? Come on? Meantime, I'm sure Ray Stevens is watching these developments closely.

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Cthulhu, devourer of cherries, jalapenos--maybe not together though (what would Rick Bayless think of that ?) said...

As for the Leetle Blue Pills, I have one word:


It is not fun. It can cause permanent damage.

Scary stuff.

But an amusing song.