Jul 23, 2010

Father Sues Son over Cubs Tickets

Father sues son over stealing his Cubs season tickets. You'd think he'd thank him instead?

Father Gerald Adelman wants $128,000 — plus damages — from his son for stealing four season tickets from 2007 through this year.

Dad says in a lawsuit that the tickets, and money he alleges his son pocketed while working for Adelman's insurance firm, should be worth much, much more — $2.5 million in damages.

Adelman acquired the four tickets from the son of a longtime client in 1993. For years Adelman's son, Stuart, handled the purchase of the tickets, getting money from his father to pay for them and then handing the tickets over to his father, according to the suit.

Gerald Adelman gave the tickets to friends or family, according to the suit.

After Stuart Adelman left the firm, Gerald Adelman and Associates, in 2007, he refused to hand over the Cubs tickets, even when his father had paid for them, the suit states.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court, also accuses the son of pocketing $163,000 in insurance commissions after the elder Adelman suffered severe injuries in 2001 and was away from work. -- now that seems to be a bit more substantial? Maybe this should be what the story- dude, Cubs tickets? 2.5 mil? We *are* talking about the Chicago Cubs, remember?

The suit also asks the court to formalize the ticket purchase agreement.

In the end, a judge may have to decide the value of the tickets.

If it were up to me? Half face value.

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