Jun 21, 2010

No Rest

White House mocks Hayward's yachting -- and defends Obama's golf outing

"I will not rest until the Gulf oil spill is taken care of"

White House spokesman had a little fun at the expense of BP CEO Tony Hayward at the daily briefing Monday, tweaking him for taking his yacht out on the water for a race off English shores the Gulf continues to not give a hoot - and pollutes.

"You know, look, if Tony Hayward wants to put a skimmer on that yacht and bring it down to the Gulf, we'd be happy to have his help," Bill Burton said.

(A skimmer is a piece of equipment dragged by a ship to corral surface oil so that it can be burned or vacuumed up.)

"Tony Hayward, I guess, took himself at his word that he was going to get his life back here. It's clear that he has," Burton said. "But what's important to us is that the people in the Gulf get their lives back. It's not so easy for them to just take a weekend away and forget about everything that's happening down there."

At the same time, Burton defended the president's Saturday golf outing, which has also come in for some fire, saying, "I don't think that there's a person in this country that doesn't think that their president ought to have a little time to clear his mind."

No word about the President also taking in a Nationals/White Sox game and watching over 3 hours of World Cup Soccer. It's clear he won't be resting while doing it, I guess?

Perhaps, just perhaps you can't have your cake and eat it at the same time, unless you're a White House spokesperson?

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RushSays said...

President Obama going golfing while millions of gallons of oil spew into the Gulf "probably does us all good as American citizens." Yeah, thanks. Great.