Jun 10, 2010

Hockey is Back

The Blackhawks have done it. No, I mean they've done the impossible. The NHL television ratings have bounced back out of oblivion - past the lockout - and way, way beyond.

The clincher of the Stanley Cup finals was the most-watched and highest-rated NHL game in 36 years. Let that sink in. 36 years! The Chicago Blackhawks' 4-3 overtime win over the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 6, which earned them their first championship since 1961, drew a 4.7 rating and 8 share Wednesday night on NBC. Unheard of.

That's the best since a 7.6/27 for Game 6 of the Boston-Philadelphia series in 1974. It was 38 percent higher than the 3.4/6 for last year's Pittsburgh-Detroit Game 6 and 9 percent higher than the 4.3/8 for Game 7 in 2009.

Ratings represent the percentage of all homes with televisions tuned into a program.

Shares represent the percentage of all homes with TVs in use at the time.

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Ahem, but, meanwhile, the NBA Finals Game 3 posted an 11.5, but that's only because they're doing that whole retro thing.

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