Jun 29, 2010

Al Gore's Massage

Looks like Al and Tipper aren't getting divorced because of a misplaced aluminum can or 'drifting apart' -- no, more like a half-assed Clinton attempt to get a happy ending. Didn't he learn ANYTHING after hanging out with Bill for eight years?

Apparently calls to the hotel masseuse in Oregon at 10:30 is a call for an actual masseuse. Elliot Spritzer at least got that part right.

Anyhow, since no one in the States are talking about Mr. Gore's botched debauchery - that's where I come in - here's a Sim-like computer generated version of the masseues's perspective of how it went down that evening... and judging by the look on her computer generated face, she did not go down on anyone. This re-enactment was created by Taiwanese "news service" NMA to re-create the allegations made against Al Gore. And that's news service, the same way Entertainment Tonight is news.

Funny. He still looks a little stiff.

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