Mar 30, 2010

Tea Party Might Save Harry Reid?

Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post seems to think that the Tea Party people in Harry Reid's backyard last weekend might actually save that dirty somofabich's job.

It probably didn't help that lead cheerleader was Sarah Palin, who shouted, "You're fired!" over and over.

Reid is one of the most vulnerable Democrats this fall. He's the Senator Harrison Roberts played by Dick Smothers in Scorsese's Casino. No, really!

And a Rasmussen poll found that 56 percent of Nevadans oppose Obamacare (51 percent strongly), while just 41 percent support it (and just 24 percent strongly). Just 20 percent of Nevada voters view the Senate majority leader favorably, while 48 percent view him unfavorably. And both of the leading Republican candidates -- former Nevada state senator and GOP chairwoman Sue Lowden, and Las Vegas businessman and Danny Tarkanian, a former UNLV basketball star -- have crossed the 50 percent threshold and have opened up double-digit leads over Reid.

Obama has even flown in a couple two, three times to support his lap dog running the Senate... which means certain doom for Harry.

Great news, except that asphalt contractor, Jon Scott Ashjian, has joined the race under the banner of the Tea Party of Nevada -- and a recent Las Vegas Review-Journal poll found that in a three-way showdown with a Tea Party candidate in the mix, Reid could pull off a narrow victory.

Thanks, but no thanks should be the reply... especially since Jon has 99 problems, and a woman ain't one. First off, the Tea Party doesn't recognize him as a real candidate, and even label him as a 'false flag,' or an imposter created by Reid as a ringer. (I wouldn't put it past Reid, except I don't know if he's that clever.)

Ashjian was not invited to appear at Saturday's Tea Party rally in Searchlight. But he was invited to appear last Friday in federal district court to defend himself against a lawsuit challenging his candidacy and claiming that he was not a member of the Tea Party of Nevada when he filed for the election on March 1. Ashjian failed to appear in court. Judge Todd Russell said he would give Ashjian "one more chance to show up," but if he refused the judge said he would be inclined to grant the motion to remove him from the ballot. And to add to Ashjian's troubles, the Clark County district attorney's office announced Friday that it would seek an arrest warrant for him Monday on felony theft and bad check charges. Ooooopppss.

Harry Reid had better contribute to Ashjian's legal fund. The Tea Party has targeted Reid, and having Ashjian on the ballot may be Reid's only hope of survival this November.

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