Mar 11, 2010

Take that with a grain of... oh.

Bill A10129, introduced in the New York state assembly, "Prohibits the use of salt by restaurants in the preparation of food by restaurants."


The penalties for the use of salt while cooking food are totally proportionate and reasonable:

$1,000 per grain?

$1,000 a pinch? $1,000 a grain?

Oh, bankrupt totalitarian Nanny State, how do I loathe the? Let me count the ways?

First, salt is actually critical to human survival. It is the only mineral that humans eat, or need to eat, in order for their cells to function.

Second, the idea that salt is some kind of toxin is not correct. However, our current system of government has labeled Salt and CO2 toxins and poisons.

Third, this ban does not appear to tax the salt shakers on the restaurant table, only the ones in the back of the house near the food? It seems to only ban salt used during preparation and not consumption. Which makes this bill completely useless. BTW, if any Blasphemes readers have ever done any cooking for themselves, you know that salt is an essential part of cooking - and also baking. Cookies, waffles in addition to steak and Jambalaya require some salt in it's preparation. I've even used salt in salads to separate the water from the lettuce. I've even heard of a pinch of salt in coffee to give it an unexpected perk.

Fourth, the same government that is taxing salt in an effort to 'save us' still is allowing aluminum hydroxide and yellow prussiate of soda (sodium ferrocyanide)that are in salt packets. There are still massive subsidies for the creation of corn and soy products - while there are minuscule or zero subsidies for fresh fruit or vegetables. (not that anyone would eat them anyway.)

Fifth, law is termed, "salt in any form." So, this would mean no prepared foods that already contain salt can ever be used in any dish? Cheese, any smoked or cured meats, baked goods, any ready-made condiments, anything pickled, just about anything canned, most imported foods, any meats or poultry that have been plumped or brined, any sodas that contain sodium... shall I continue?

I can go on, but the absurdity that someone actually took the time to conceive and put this idea on paper astounds me. I'm guessing the folks who are desperately looking for new tax revenues and ways to gouge, nickel-and-dime their populace are running out of ideas. Or, they simply don't want any restaurants to operate in the State of New York - or even more malicious, they don't want anyone to live in New York? No, I don't mean killing people off by halting the salt flow - but by making food so bland that people will be willing to move to, gasp, New Jersey.

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WaffleMan said...

Bettey: NY lawmaker achieves the piNaCle of stupidNY lawmaker achieves the piNaCle of stupid