Mar 3, 2010

Rangel Wrangles

Representative Charles B. Rangel says he is stepping down Temporarily as House Ways and Means Committee Chairman.

Caught in a swirl of ethics inquiries, Representative Charles B. Rangel said on Wednesday that he would temporarily step aside as leader of the House Ways and Means Committee.

He says he didn't want his ethics controversy to jeopardize election prospects for fellow Democrats.

Charlie Rangel is a tax evader. A tax cheat. And yet the Democrats successfully killed a resolution that would have removed him as Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson has been trying to shine the light on this swamp creature for years now, specifically with his organization's, to encourage Attorney General Eric Holder to immediately investigate Rangel’s “repeated violation of public disclosure laws… [and] exactly how Mr. Rangel came into at least $650,000 in undisclosed income, and to audit the extent of his income.”

Wilson also called upon Holder to “prosecute Mr. Rangel to the fullest extent of the law for any and all infractions of the law.”

Said Wilson, “This is completely upside down. The Ethics Committee is supposed to act on a non-partisan basis. But instead, it is stonewalling the conclusion of the Rangel investigation. And now the House majority has made it clear that no matter what the ethics probe produces, they will do nothing to remove Rangel from his powerful chairmanship. Nancy Pelosi is encouraging the culture of corruption in Washington to blossom.”

Maybe Mrs. Pelosi should take a hit and get the hell out now too?

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Sabotage said...

Rangel (who happens to be my congressman) is a Leonx Avenue pimp who has finally been caught.