Mar 23, 2010

Do You Read Corporate Fonts?

I've often thought that corporate logos and brand names ought to be considered a second language. They will be the hieroglyphics of the 20th and 21st century English Language period of Earth's history.

I can imagine that if a brand goes out of business, the meaning of their font also dies with it in less than a generation. We're going to need some kind of Rosetta stone for those poor archeologists trying to sift through all the garbage we've been leaving for them.

The answers are in white text. Highlight to see the answers.

1. ABC 2. Budweiser 3. Coca Cola 4. Disney 5. Enron 6. Ford 7. GE 8. Honda 9. IBM 10. Johnson and Johnson 11. Kellogs 12. Eli Lilly 13. McDonalds 14. New York Times 15. Target 16. Paramount 17. Quicktime 18. Ray Ban 19. Superman 20. Texaco 21. United 22/23. Volkswagon 22. Xerox 23. Yahoo 24. Zenith

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