Feb 5, 2010

Toyota Woes

Lawsuit Over a Crash Adds to Toyota’s Difficulties

A fatal crash not explained by brakes or mats is adding to the push for a broader inquiry into problems with sudden, unintended acceleration in Toyotas.

Meanwhile, conservative media outlets, as well as a USA Today blogger, have suggested there is an all out conspiracy by the Obama administration that is forcing the recall of millions of Toyota cars. The suggestion that the recalls over safety issues regarding reports of sudden unintended acceleration in order to denigrate the company, benefit unions, and boost sales of vehicles manufactured by General Motors [Government Motors] and Chrysler, which the federal government bailed out last year. Never mind that the sudden acceleration in Toyota vehicles has reportedly been an issue as early as 1999, and Toyota has stated that its recall was voluntary.

Well, look at that on a two sided coin - that means this issue has been around for a decade and no one did anything about it -- and suddenly there's an interest in these issues. I'm not big on conspiracy theories. And even if there was a concerted effort by the Obama Administration - it's not like Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is saying folks shouldn't drive their cars... oh. He did? Here's a way over-hyped version of the events. Funny stuff, if it weren't real.

Well, I guess we'll see what happens. If suddenly there are government probes into Ford - then I'll join that conspiracy theory talk.

All I see is a company that has decided to be EXACTLY like GM, emulating every detail of that fantastic company - with equally stellar products.

I'm expecting to see the CEO of Toyota commit Seppuku in a press conference in about an hour.

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