Feb 18, 2010

Tomax and Xamot Captured!

Two More Senior Taliban Leaders Are Arrested

Two senior Taliban leaders have been arrested in recent days inside Pakistan, officials said Thursday, as American and Pakistani intelligence agents continued to press their
offensive against the group's leadership after the capture of the insurgency's military commander last month.

Afghan officials said the Taliban's "shadow governors" for two provinces in northern Afghanistan had been detained in recent days hiding inside Pakistan. Mullah Abdul Salam, the
Taliban's leader in Kunduz, was detained in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad, and Mullah Mohammed of Baghlan Province was also captured in an undisclosed Pakistani city, they said.

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That's awesome! A three front war. A major offensive in Afghanistan with the Marines, CIA action in Pakistan, and garrison in Iraq.

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Cthulhu said...

I love you man.

Thanks for giving me the 1st laugh I had today in this sad, sick, malformed world.