Feb 4, 2010

Pawnbroker PWND

Update: The Mighty Quinn wants to dump his new number 2!

That's right, there's been a major shift in the alternate storyline - Scott Lee Cohen is getting killed off by Quinn. He said Cohen "has an obligation to step aside" if his past becomes a problem.

"I always appeal to others in politics based on what's good for the people," Quinn said.

Quinn was faced with this new crisis even as his rival, Dan Hynes, announced he was conceding the Democratic primary nomination for governor. Oh, and he was blubbering all about it. So that pretty much ends his career too. It's one thing to cry when your kid is caught having a teenage party [Mayor Daley] -- it's a whole other thing to cry when you lose an election.

Anyhow, back to our Lt. Gov contest. This just got interesting.

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