Feb 26, 2010

Oakland Police Department Making A List of Gun Owners

Oakland Police Department Now Trying To Create Secret List of Gun Owners?

And here I was sitting around thinking, wow, I haven't done a gun story in a while.... I got a link to a story where the Oakland Police Department is reating a list of Oakland gun owners. The best part is how sneaky they're going about it. Oakland recently passed an ordinance that REQUIRES anyone with a burglar alarm to register that alarm with the Oakland Police Department. Okay, I'm sure - but wait - there's more!

That would not be a problem, except that they REQUIRE you to tell them if you have any "weapons" (i.e., guns). Here is a screen shot from the actual form.

This is the same "police department" that was behind the recent Oakland gun control laws, and this is the same department this is bragging that they want to take guns off the street.
When asked during the peace conference if the city’s ammunition ordinance could create a significant crime reduction, Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts said that the Oakland Police Department is supportive of anything that takes guns off the street.
But my question would be, if you're a law abiding gun owner in any state, you're supposed to have your gun registered anyway. So what's the problem? My guess it's not so secret?


Kevin Thomason said...

Actually, guns are not required to be registered, even in California. You DO have to go through a 10-day-wait process to buy most guns, but it is not a registration process. Long arms that are over 50 years old can be bought without even going through the 10 day wait.

baby_kicker said...

Yeah, in California you are not required to register your gun ownership. You must submit to a background check for purchase in California, and concealed carry permits are required (very hard to get in Ca).

Are CC permits required everywhere? I know here in WA they require them for CC, but we have a cool law where you don't need a reason to have one, the state needs a reason to deny you one (it's the opposite in CA).

I have no problem with Oakland pd asking for owners to register. They cannot however demand you do so.

Anonymous said...

The Oakland Police Department has the right and responsibility to know if there are dogs and weapons on the premises. I see nothing wrong with the application. The Oakland Police Department has to deal with enormous violent crime, perpetrated by violent career criminals, with limited resources and community support.

Thank you OPD.