Feb 17, 2010

Just Happy Being Yourself

Tori Spelling, who's father fixed her nose, boobs and put her on his TV show wrote a children's book encouraging kids to be happy being themselves.

Presenting ... Tallulah, the "sweet tale of a young girl who really just wants to be herself," is being pushed out her thought hole in September. Spelling, star of the reality series Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, also has written the memoirs Mommywood and sTORI Telling.

I'm shocked that she's verbal, let alone could hold the crayon long enough to be called a 'writer' in any sense of the word.

Oh, and yeah, she's in the running for BLASPHEME'S HYPOCRITE of THE WEEK!

...and to be clear, when I say 'fixed' I mean spent a fortune on plastic surgeons to disfigure her so that she looked less, eh, ethnic? Maybe just less like her father? Before rhinoplasty Tori Spelling had wider nostrils and wider tip. Now her nose looks more defined both in the tip and in the bridge, but suprisingly it looks more twisted than before. Why isn't she going for a revision rhinoplasty to correct the deviation? Honestly, she looked better before.

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