Feb 2, 2010

Dear Campaign Managers

Robo-calls piss me off. And in some cases, such as my own, are detrimental to your candidate.

Your annoyances announce many things to me, the voter, about your candidate. You're too cheap to purchase air on radio or television. As campaign manager, you already realize that all those negative ads on the local news just swim together in the muck. You know that the radio spots on AM radio are particularly useless when there's no baseball on. Fine, I understand you don't want to waste money. I get that. That's the allure of the Robo-Caller. Just set that soulless machine up with a message to call me at inconvenient times. It's even funnier when your machine talks to my machine.

You're also too lazy to canvas the neighborhoods and meet me in person. A knock on my bunker door vs a Robo-Call at dinner time... let's see? You know, actually, I prefer neither. But I do enjoy meeting the candidate, and having him look me in the eye when he's lying about what an 'outsider' he/she is, even though they're the incumbent.

The Robo-Caller also tells me your candidate is too lazy or bored to understand the district that your machine is calling. It also shows me that you have no real interest in any issues. You probably are wasting good dollars calling Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. Thank goodness I don't make any money, or you might actually call me in person to ask for cash.

It's to the point where your opponent could use the Robo-Caller in your name to annoy me into voting against you... now that would be an effective strategy. Luckily, someone in the Statehouse realized that in crafting the laws about how Robo-Calls are allowed. Come on, there's got to be a loophole in there somewhere?

I also think its hilarious that the Robo-Caller has impunity over the Federal statute of the No Call List, which I am on. I also giggle that my caller ID sees that you're calling from other states. You can't even hire an in-state Robo-Caller? With all the unemployment in my State, there's a poor local Robo-Caller collecting dust, while you hire a Robo-Caller from another state? And if you're pinching pennies, why would you use at&t long-distance? They'll kill you in the taxes!

I'd also like to ask your candidate what they're going to do about the 80 million dollars of un-funded pension issues. Robo-Caller doesn't take questions. Nice. No, I get it. It seems like a fantastic idea at the beginning of the campaign.

But Mr. Campaign manager, just so you know, when your candidate annoys me, or wakes up the baby - I write down who your candidate's name, and make a point to vote AGAINST him in the ballot box.

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