Jan 31, 2010

Sunday Comics: Week in Review

Obama's first State of the Union was this Thursday. He inherited it, and it's still Bush's fault. I guess it'll be Bush's fault for Massachusetts and one term too?Oh sure, there's always the Democrats falling all over each other too. With idiots like these in charge, who needs opposition?

And after spending every last dollar, and putting our nation in dangerous territory with slush funds disguised as stimulus - the one program that gets the shaft (after trains... trains!!?) is the manned space program.
And then there was our friends over at Toyota.
Toyota's braking problem explains all those tailgaters. Now I don't take it personally. It was just their brake pedal.

iDon'tgetit either, and I am a Mac fanboi.
This one was tossed in, just in case this is your first visit to Blasphemes. Thanks for sharing the week with us. See you next week.

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