Jan 11, 2010

Ask the Cap'n: Guns

Dear Cap'n,

I am from the UK and I recently made an uninformed comment on gun control/carrying of offensive weapons here, and got abuse flowing full throttle at me. I was in the wrong in the comment, but it brought out something that worries me.

Why is owning or carrying an object designed purely for the purpose of ending life legalised?

I am aware of the second amendment but I am asking why this over 200 year old seemingly barbaric law is still in place?

Am I completely wrong? Can someone either restore my faith in humanity? or inform me of what I'm missing.

I am reluctant to have abuse thrown at me again but i want to know your opinions so i'm willing to risk it, and bad karma to get them.

You see, your countrymen, the British Army, tried to take away the colonist's weapons in an effort to subdue the population.

That kind of rattled the population, a tad.

Lexington and Concord was a redcoat mission specifically intended to disarm the colonists who had to that point protested more or less peacefully. The "Green mountain boys" were a private guerrilla militia group that had no ties to Washington's Continental army responsible for the earliest victories against the empire. It is not an overstatement to say that the United States owes its EXISTENCE to the private ownership of guns.

Obviously I was uneducated and naive to ask my question, especially from a British perspective.

Thank you for educating me in American history, the lessons have been valuable and i now understand this much better in a historical context. The need for weapons in America's history is clear. I wont take any gibes about the british empire personally as at that time my ancestors were under its regime and actively fought it. But point well made.

I realise also that i shouldn't be judging americans as 'gun owners' as the majority are clearly responsible citizens.

Lastly I realise that even if the government wanted too they couldn't disarm you all. Whether this is good or bad. Probably a good thing that they cant.

Thank you again and you really have changed my ideas. have a good one

You're extremely welcome. Please buy a T-Shirt!

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