Dec 13, 2009

Indie Rock Do They Know It's Christmas? Cover

Remember Bob Geldof's 1984 superstar-stacked "Do They Know It's Christmas?" track released to benefit Live Aid Ethiopia? Everyone was on it. U2, Queen, Phil Collins, Sting, etc. Well, the epic indie rock version is here. And it kicks the original's ass. By the way, if you do remember the original - you are now officially old.

The kid from F*ucked Up, Vampire Weekend, Andrew W.K., Bob Mould, Teagan and Sara, GZA, Yo La Tengo, David Cross, Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene, and TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone rock the original. Except for the guys from Big Country.

For those of you who are old, or have kids and not in the hipster scene... here's my cheat sheet:

F*cked Up
: Epic loud fat hairy hipsters.
Vampire Weekend: Graceland-obsessed Columbia graduate/N+1 reading hipsters.
David Cross: Comedian hipster. You remember him with lots of blue paint on him.
Yo La Tengo: The original hipsters.
Broken Social Scene: Canadian hipsters.
Bob Mould: Geriatric hipster.
Andrew W.K.: PartyBro rock hipster.
Teagan and Sara: Hot lesbian hipsters.
GZA: Wu-Tang Clan-member, rap deemed safe for consumption by hipsters.
TV On The Radio: A good band.

Here you go:

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