Dec 18, 2009

Marvel Villians To Nuke Soldier Field

First Soldier Field lost its landmark status. Then a space ship landed on it.
I won't even mention how the Chicago Bears continue to defile the 100 yards of grass there.

But now, there's going to be a masacre on the field that has less to do with the lack of a wide out... Marvel comics are going to nuke it.

A comic book miniseries called Siege starts off as a group of villains levels the structure in hopes of framing a few heroes.

Brian Michael Bendis, writer of the four-issue Marvel series, calls Chicago the “most American city” and knew he wanted to center the horrific events there. Soldier Field wasn’t the first Chicago landmark he had his eye on, though.

“My first choice was to blow up Wrigley Field,” he says. “[Marvel Comics Editor in Chief] Joe Quesada is so in love with baseball, he couldn’t imagine blowing it up.” (I can, but, I guess the team is doing a good enough job on it's own.)

After years of superhero infighting and even a civil war that pitted Captain America and Spider-Man against Iron Man and others, Bendis says Siege is set to lay the groundwork of a reunion of sorts.

“I’m not the biggest sports guy (NO!) and I meant no disrespect to sports fans, but we needed something so horrendous to happen for them to be united again,” he says. “Hopefully, this will ring in a new day for Marvel readers.”

The explosion actually happens during a Bears game with a handful of players on the field; the fate of the coaching staff is unknown.

“I heard from numerous Chicago fans who told me they were glad I put the team out of its misery,” he says.

Bendis is currently consulting on the big-budget superhero team film “Avengers,” due in either 2012 or 2013. While he was tight-lipped on future Siege storylines, he did say that some of Marvel’s most recognizable heroes will make a Windy City appearance during the four-issue run.

“We’ve blown up a stadium,” he said. “Respect will be paid.”

Apparently, he also doesn't know that it's a war memorial - so much so that a statue of Walter Payton cannot be allowed to be placed on it or near it. Waiting for someone to bitch about that, oh wait, I just did!

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