Dec 14, 2009

Iranians Tested Peaceful Nuclear Warhead Detonator

Just read in The Washington Post; Western and U.N. nuclear officials are evaluating a secret Iranian technical document that appears to show the country's nuclear scientists testing a key component used in the detonation of a nuclear warhead, according to intelligence officials and weapons experts familiar with the document.
The document, if authenticated, could rank as one of the strongest pieces of evidence pointing to the Iranian effort to build nuclear weapons, said former intelligence officials and weapons experts. They were responding to a published report of alleged sophisticated research by Iran on one of the final stages in the construction of a nuclear device.

The leaked document published yesterday contained instructions from the head of Iran's research operation ordering scientists to carry out experiments using uranium-deuteride. The compound's only use is to detonate an atomic weapon.

But wait! Hold on! We elected Obama! His outreached hand and pleasant demeanor was supposed to eliminate the Iranian Nuclear Threat! Hey! No fair! And what about the National Iranian Assessment in 2007? You know, the one where the State Department said there wasn't an Iranian nuclear program - for sures? (I do)

I guess we'll have to let Nnetanyahu take care of it on his next turn?

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