Dec 25, 2009

Geeky Nativity Scenes

In my exhaustive search on the Advent, I happened to come across some very interesting stuff. Some of the best had to be the geeky nativity scenes. I've been storing them up as my Christmas present to all my Blasphemes readers. I think you'll enjoy these almost as much as I have.

Nativity on Tatooine
Come celebrate the virgin birth of Anakin Skywalker on the desert planet of Tatooine. The Jedi are standing in as the three kings, it seems. And Obi Wan is Joseph?

Nativity on Endor
This one is a little less thought out, as it seems that Leia has given birth to Han's child - and Darth Vader is there, for some reason? And two Luke Skywalkers, one in Hoth gear - and the African Cloud City guard. It is pretty though.

Nativity on Yancy Street [Marvel Comics]
I love the mutant Angel and Electro sitting on the roof, but don't quite understand the gigantic Spider man there's probably a three issue story leading up to this cross-over.
Jean Gray Phoenix and Scott Summers are the virgin and Joseph.

Ultimate Nativity on Yancy Street
More in line with Fantastic Four only. Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman as Mary and Joseph, the Thing as a shepherd doing one-handed curls with a sheep, the Human Torch and Silver Surfer as Wise Men, and Franklin Richards as everyone's personal savior.

Pirate Nativity
Pirates of the Caribbean witness to the birth of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Doctor Who Nativity
No less than two doctors and two companions witness the holy birth of K-9.
I suggest the Doctor think twice before he opens the gifts from the Wise Men though.

Steven Spielberg Nativity
There's a lot going on in this one. Looks like Indiana Jones, and Donald Duck, and Iron Man and an Iron Giant are in attendance. I think there's a Homer and a Bone in there too. I see no less than three Velociraptors. Okay, well, the cartoons we can chalk up to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Dr. Strange - maybe Dreamworks has the rights? The Homer Simpson - a little harder to explain... and the Klingon cha'DIch hanging over the manger... (yeah, I had to look up the spelling) um... maybe this is just a bunch of geek stuff this guy owned and threw it in a manger?

Lost Nativity
Baby Arron born in a hatch. Polar bear is a nice touch.

Saviors of the Lost Ark
Much better use of the property.

Creationist Christmas

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