Dec 19, 2009

Copenhagen Ends Early: Due to Blizzard

The Copenhagen what-have-you was nothing more than window dressing for the ClimateFaithers™ back home. The intention was to come home and tell everyone "we participated" or "we're pledging to do something." Superfantastic. Nothing substantial, and no way to enforce whatever they did agree on. And what they did agree on was that using ClimateFaith™ to restructure capital and to shore up state power is a hellofagood idea.

There were back room deals, lots of trees cut down for half assed ideas and proposals. But at the center of it. India and China said go F*yourselves. And the other emerging markets and countries (such as Hugo Chavez) raised their collective fingers and waved them at the West. "We ain't to blame, and we ain't payin'," to paraphrase their position.

The whole thing turned into a giant bargaining table where extreme things were proposed to drive everyone to a minimal compromise. Two rival proposals came out: one billing the first world and one billing the third world for the cost. Neither we meant to be signed. Both were decoys for the screaming mob (home and outside the conference). Meanwhile the heads of state, working in private, settled on a pact which promised everything, enforces nothing and pays a pittance to the loudest of the third world and the low islands.See. Maybe we can all chip in and get them a nice canoe?

No one was scapegoated in public but when Phelim McAleer when through the conference in a polar bear suit calling for Phil Jones, people all knew who that meant. Phil is the climate guy who until a couple weeks ago was the Director of the Climatic Research Unit. They swore at him, threw things at him and tried to interfere with the camera and sound man. Phil at the heart f the UEA CRU scandal. Polar bear suits were banned soon after.

Behind closed doors I suspect Phil got mentioned more than once. Could any government have mentioned climategate in public? The conference was teaming with ClimateFaithful™ that were so fanatical that even the body guards of a dozen countries combined could not have held them back.

So what's the midnight deal.

The key features of note are that the targets a set in terms of temperature not CO2. This means that the 2 degrees target will be met by all because there is no real warming. Governments can later report on the current cooling trend as if its a new discovery and back away from CO2 reduction and commitments. That is, as long as the sun cooperates.

Expect a lot on negative feed back soon.

Also the non binding CO2 commitments and non binding financial commitments. None of there will be enforceable or enforced. Solar energy technology depends on the cost of that technology, those costs are falling but with the dollar falling faster this means few renewables than the free-market, free from both Keynesian policies and government subsidies, would have delivered. Or the cost of oil has to go skyrocketing again.

A few tens of billions have been promised to the third world and low islands. So that aid is wrapped in a different package - used to be just a handout, now it's a climate change handout.

Annnnddd... the best part, there's a huge blizzard descending on Copenhagen! Everyone may be stuck for a few days. Some noted that huge numbers of people flew in private Jets. These have been parked at smaller airports across the region. They are stuck. Al Gore may have to hitch a ride home on the Rainbow Warrior. We'll get to see what happens when a few thousand Bureaucrats, a quarter of a million bored but angry ClimateFaith™ followers, communists and anarchists all get stranded in a snow storm together! Doubt there will be many snow angels. The cops have had it with cold riot gear and frozen batons, and they'll want to try to stay warm.

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