Dec 14, 2009

Accenture Cuts Woods

Technology outsourcing and consulting firm Accenture Plc said it was ending its six-year sponsorship arrangement with golfer Tiger Woods, who is embroiled in a scandal involving extra-marital affairs with numerous women.

"Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, after careful consideration and analysis, the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for its advertising," Accenture said in a statement.

Accenture, once the consulting side of Arthur Andersen - Arthur Andersen who cooked the books for Enron, and led to one of the most corrupt collapses in American business history... you'd think they'd give Tiger a break? I mean, he only admitted to sleeping with a couple women who weren't his wife. You'd think Accenture would be used to having crooked friends hanging out?

Accenture is in line for BLASPHEMES HYPOCRITE OF THE WEEK, already, and it's only Monday.

Meanwhile, commercials featuring Woods have disappeared from prime-time TV. I wouldn't have noticed - I have TiVo. I haven't seen an advertisement since 2003.

Woods has won 14 major titles and 71 PGA Tour events and is the first athlete to earn $1 billion. He is believed to be the wealthiest sports personality in the world.

Nevertheless, several of Woods' biggest celebrity endorsement sponsors, which include Nike, PepsiCo's Gatorade and Electronic Arts, recently said that they continue to support their commercial icon. That is, until they pull the "morality clause" in their endorsement contracts.

A morals clause is a provision in a contract or official document that prohibits certain behavior in a person's private life. They deal with behavior such as sexual acts and drug use. They were commonly used in the contract between actors/actresses and film studios to uphold the public image sought to be portrayed by the studio. Morals clauses are included today in certain contracts of public figures, such as athletes, actors/actresses...

Expect the morals clause to be enacted when Woods is no longer a positive image for selling their wears.


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