Nov 25, 2009

Some Changes Around Here...

Due to the shocking amount of spam comments we've been getting around here on your favorite blog, Blasphemes, we've been forced to engage in some drastic action. We've had to flip the the "Are you a human," or CAPTCHA, on.

We apologize for the massive inconvenience this is to our regular commenters (WaffleMan, Cthulhu) and we're extra sorry for all the folks who are trying to sell Korean Viagra and French, er, ah, Viagra.

We've had a policy of never deleting comments, no matter how dirty, racist or plain stupid they are - especially ones with the worst spelling, those usually attract the Grammar Natzis, which in turn usually ignites a pretty good flame war. But the spam was really starting to pile up.

So, again, we'd like to say sorry to all the hundreds of followers and the thousands of you who like to leave comments and start debates here on Blasphemes, but it's an added step that is necessary - mostly because we're way to lazy to delete the spam piling up in the old posts.

Feel free to comment on- ooh, sore spot.

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