Nov 29, 2009

Dud Bears

As most regular Blasphemes readers know, I've been cursed with the idea that I'm a Bears Fan. This year was supposed to be different. This year, we had a QB. Never mind, all along, I knew we had no one to throw to, an offensive line that looked like an old and worn out sieve. And an aging Defense that was one key injury away from being completely ineffectual.

I hate being right.

Even if the expectations hadn't been put on top of the Sears Tower, and even if Urlacker hand't been hurted... and maybe if they hadn't played on Sunday night three times... (jebus) it was an impossible task to be put on anyone's shoulders. Just ask Kyle Orton - oooh, that stings.

Now there's a scramble to find the scapegoat for the 2009 season. Ron Turner, everyone's looking at you right now. And Mike Martz shoot down he's going to the Bears rumor , so that means it's probably happening, right?

Bears have the Vikings this weekend. And if you're still watching or following this 'rebuilding year,' you probably won't be after this game.

Go Hawks!

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