Sep 13, 2009

Sunday Night Football

The fever pitch and expectation for a successful Chicago Bears season is the highest its been since Ditka paced the sidelines of the Monsters of the Midway.

When Jay Cutler takes the Bears' snap on Sunday night at Green Bay, he will be the 56th quarterback to do so since Hall of Famer Sid Luckman retired in 1950. Of those QBs, 47 of them were starters. 56. Jebus Christmas. That's a lot of QB's. The fever around Neckbeard's replacement is so nuts - you would have thought that the Bears had Tom Brady on the team tonight (or something better). The expectations are a 'little' high.

The Bears were the dominant NFL team in the 1940s, however since 1950, they've won just two championships. Two.

Injury-prone Jim McMahon, who led the Bears to their only Super Bowl championship, was the only star of the bunch, but to be a nitpicker George Blanda was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame based on his years as a placekicker for the Oakland Raiders. Back to the Bears, since 1985, no team has come close to beating the dead horse of one Super Bowl win like the Bears have. It's kind of like the 72's Dolphins... and I'm sick to high heaven about that pile of old turds too.

Look, I like the Bears on paper - but like the Cubs - they look great on paper. I would like to think that this talented team can get a wild card spot this year, even with a couple unknown injuries. But it's a rebuilding year - and it's going to be an interesting NFC Central this year, it might even be competitive. Let's just make sure we put on a couple extra burnt offerings on the BBQ and see what happens.

PS - bring back the Honeybears!

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