Sep 7, 2009

Just in time for the High Holidays

Hello Kthulhu

Huggable elder god. she has sweet red eyes, 4 face tentacles, arms and legs as well as wings.

Intoxicatingly Kawaii!

So cute you don't mind going insane or having your soul ripped out for devouring.

3.5 in tall when standing.
bamboo-merino blend.
bamboo-cotton blend bow and dress.

This photo has been blogged halfway across the Multiverse and back...
If you see it in a commercial setting PLEASE let me know right away.


1 comment:

Cthulhu said...


I would *NEVER* wear a pink dress.

Feed me the in--I mean, tell me the names of the infidels who blaspheme so that I may feast upon their souls and make their corpses into playthings for the shoggoths.