Sep 11, 2009

How to Explain 9-11 To Kids

Take out the blocks, arrange them in a lower Manhattan skyline, then get a couple die cast airplanes - then fling them at the towers as hard as you can.

But if you're a truther, it's a little harder. Set the whole thing up months ahead of time - somehow don't tell ANYONE about it. Then place Black Cat firecrackers inside all of the blocks. Then place them in one of the buildings next to it as well. Be sure that you pay everyone off to keep them quiet, or kill them off ahead of time.

Then, orchestrate a false flag die cast plane hostage crisis - four planes, maybe more. Ditch the planes and the passengers somehow then hit the Pentagon with a missile or a Matchbox truck bomb, again, don't tell anyone... I need to continue this nonsense? Can't we just all agree that our government was asleep at the wheel while some religious fundamentalists who were pissed off at the United States for meddling with world affairs fought back in a spectacular Jerry Bruckheimer inspired terror display? Then the terrorists who expected the paper lion to fold were caught with their pants down as the U.S. fought back by overreacting to the point of tearing up the Constitution and depleting the treasury.

goddamn it.


Capn said...

The main Truther observation is that jet fuel doesn't burn at a hot enough temperature to melt steel girders -- which means the twin towers must have been blown up from inside. ``Before 9/11, and since that one day, there have been zero examples of high-rise steel frame buildings that have come down due to fires,'' says Steven E. Jones, a physicist pushed out of Brigham Young University for his public allegiance to the truthers.

The National Geographic documentary 9/11: Science and Conspiracy tests it by setting up a steel beam loaded with 300 pounds over a desert firepit filled with fuel. It turns out Jones is partly right: The fire never reaches the 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit at which steel girders melt. But it only takes two minutes for it to soar past 2,000 degrees, hot enough to soften the steel, and in less than four minutes the beam collapses under its load.

Other truther myths, from the supposed use of the pyrotechnic substance thermite in the World Trade Center to the amazing contention that a missile rather than an airliner hit the Pentagon, are refuted by similar experiments. And 9/11: Science and Conspiracy also makes good of old-fashioned reporting, sending camera crews to follow the controlled demolition of an abandoned nine-story college dormitory. Rigging the buildings for the demolition takes crews two weeks of noisily ripping out walls in order to expose the support columns where explosives must be placed. Asked how long it would take his men to prepare 110-story buildings like the twin towers, the demolition foreman can only guess: three months, six, nine?

shithead said...

September 11, 1973: A U.S. orchestrated and financed coup d’├ętat overthrows democratically elected President, Salvador Allende, to install military dictator, Augusto Pinochet. Augusto Pinochet ruled Chile from 1973 to 1990. During that time he was responsible for the disappearance of over 3,000 Chileans, murders, concentration camps, and torture.

htown23 said...

Most US citizens are not the flag waving "patriotic" morons who thinks that 9/11 was the worst thing ever to happen to anyone. They just happen to think it was horrible, which it was. They also believe it did happen on this day, which it did. And that we should commemorate it and at the same time remember all of the horrible mistakes that were made in its name.

And please, everyone, stop comparing it to "all the suffering" like the Tsunami of 2004. While you are at it why don't you lament over why we don't mention how many people died in car accidents that day, or cancer that year. Even though I think Capn did do that one time?

The fact remains that 9/11 changed the US and the world that day forever and did so in a horribly violent fashion. Of course US policy bears a lot of blame but all of this comparing and contrasting bullshit and ultimately futile.

The victims of that day, who were from all over the world, deserve their moment of silence without your childish and pedantic squabbling, shithead.