Sep 3, 2009

Funny or Despicable?

Found this on the title was "Can We Go Back To This?"


I think making fun of a Scientologist is fair game, as is making fun of any 'religion.' Especially on the internet - no matter how far out flung their made up UFO religion is. However, beating the tar out of someone for their beliefs? That's something else. That's like, organized religion.

Did you also note that the creator of this funny little strip also made the Scientologist a ginger? Not a black man or a Jew, nor a woman. No, if you did that it would be offensive. But this is somehow not offensive?

And what are we going back to? The Germans? The Native Americans? The Crusades? The Babylonians? Obviously a time where majority rules, because there is no minority. No thanks.

And the most confusing part is why would the Atheist Mac join forces with the Bible thumper PC? Where did the PC get the bat? Was he going to use it on the Mac and just decided that the Scientologist would be an easier kill?

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