Sep 3, 2009

Church and State Abuse

The Roman Catholic diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut argues that it cannot be sued for assigning priests with a history of sexual abuse because such placements are ecclesiastical decisions, and that documents dealing with the assignments are protected by religious privileges in the First Amendment (“Diocese appears to break pledge,’’ Aug. 29). The provisions within our Constitution that separate church and state do not and were never meant to allow a church organization to shield itself from our courts after committing felonious assaults against the civil rights of American citizens.

These acts were in arrogant and flagrant disregard for the rule of law. Eh, rule of law is so overrated now-a-days. Even thought the Bishops and their minions knew full well the transgressions of their priests, and yet chose to send them to another place where they would continue their transgressions on fresh new children. Those higher ups must have known that those new children would have been unsafe, and everyone involved was complicit in future rapes against the unsuspecting parishes.

Which means, in a judicial sense, the Bishops and their underlings would be accessory to the crimes themselves. The courts must have full access to any and all documents that may hold incriminating information.

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