Aug 10, 2009

What's Wrong With Us?

To help explain this graph, I suggest that you NetFlix the following movie: The TV Set. It's not so much a movie, as a documentary of how Television shows get rounded down to the lowest common denominator.

Original graph


John Marcotte said...

Two things are not cool about this:

#1 You have hotlinked to the image on my server.

#2 You did not provide a link back to my original article.

I really d0n't mind if you reprint it, but I'd appreciate some credit and if you hosted the photo yourself.

Capn said...

Fixed that for you. I do apologize as we hardly ever hotlink a jpg - but the fonts on the graph didn't do well small.

- and golly, I'm sure the three additional hits from Blasphemes really burnt up your server... but since you're a good guy and made a fun graph, can we all still be friends?


Cthulhu said...

Just found out that one of the most entertaining shows in NBC ( won't air for more than a year for it's third season.

@ John:

I'll be checking out your site soon. Anyone who is down with those shows is a good egg.