Aug 19, 2009

Wake Up Wisconsin!

Illinois and Wisconsin are the only two states left in the union that have no provision to allow citizens to legally carry concealed weapons with a permit. Even highly restrictive, anti-gun states like California and New York have some sort of allowances (though few and far between).

If you didn't read the news, the Mayor of Milwaukee was physically beaten by an attacker at the Wisconsin State Fair this past weekend. He went to help a woman that was screaming for help from the pipe-weilding attacker. The mayor approached and told the perp to calm down. He also said that he would call 911. As the mayor went to make the call, the attacker hit him with a pipe across the head and torso. Fortunately he survived, but if a mayor of a large city like Milwaukee can take a beating like this, doesn't this show that its time to wake up change the law? If I were this mayor I think I would be asking for reform about now! If the mayor had a concealed firearm then this may have not happened. The tables could have turned to favor the law-abiding citizen. Anybody from Wisconsin have an opinion on this? Do you think that law-abiding folks deserve the right to defend themselves? Do you think its time for Illinois and Wisconsin to join the rest of us? I sure as heck do!


Capn said...

How about open carry?! Like the folks who are packin' at the Town Hall meetings?

NeverMind said...

Depends on if IL or WI have open carry. I have not researched that, but each state has different laws regarding open carry. From what I've read, using open carry usually makes you look like a bad and the cops in those states usually don't know its legal. Of course the media freaked out about that guy carrying an AR-15 over his shoulder. He was nowhere near the Prez and he was not a threat. Stupid media!

Cthulhu said...

This example only works as an example if we know that Mr. Tom Barrett would have carried a gun and been willing to squeeze the trigger. That lady in the McDonald's is a good one because she says she wishes that she had brought her gun. I doubt Mr. Barrett--as an elected official and thus held to higher scrutiny, correctly or incorrectly--would have been packing.

@ Nevermind:

If I ever see someone on the street with an AR15 over his shoulder, I'm calling the police.

Imagine the media being upset about a guy with an assault rifle.

NeverMind said...

Well, you can do that. Open carry (I would assume) is more intended for a handgun anyway. Yes, if I saw some guy walking around with a long-gun then I would most likely do the same. God only knows what reason an indivdual would have to be out in public with a rifle (and they're not law enforcement). However, the guy at that speech was not doing anything wrong. He was not locked and loaded, and there was plenty of law enforcement visibility. He was protesting his own views and that just happened to involve his carrying a weapon. Would I do the same? Probably not in an environment that involved the President. I'll admit this dude had nuts to do that!