Aug 14, 2009

Vick is an Eagle

Michael Vick, exiled from football (and freedom), for two seasons, has a new team. I would have expected the Vikings - since Favre was teasing with them for so long and then bailed just before training camp opened. Others anticipated Vick suiting up for the Oakland Raiders as he'd be a perfect fit into the Raider's corporate culture of hiring outlaws and attracting GWAR fans.

Nope, he's surprising Philadelphia Eagles fans who already have Donovan McNabb as their starting quarterback. You think you were surprised? I would pay a dollar to see McNabb's reaction on hearing the news. Sure Vick will give them a versatile backup who can run as well as pass - but more importantly, Vick is someone who can eventually compete for McNabb’s job.

You'll remember that McNabb was benched by Coach Andy Reid after an especially crappy game against the Ravens. McNabb didn't take that well... but after situation he took the Eagles to the NFC championship game... where they lost to the Arizona Cardinals.

So maybe the Eagles are looking to the future? Putting a fire under McNabb? Signaling that McNabb can be replaced? Or - they just took Vick off the market for a song?

I don't know, and I'm not sure anyone else knows, including the Eagle front office. I'm kind of pleased that Vick isn't starting - but, he's served his time and is out and rehabilitated. (ahem) I plan on asking my Eagle fans for their reaction - as that ought to be kind of funny.

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Timm said...

Re: Vick

"I'll have to get back to you, I am currently looking online for a #7 jersey for my dog to wear on Sundays........."