Aug 29, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons

First some ads and a PSA...

...seems like yesterday. Those ads were repeated so often in my little brain, I can still sing along with that Pop Tart ad, and the PSA. Kind of ironic, that the 'you are what you eat PSA' trying to push good food (notice it's not vegetables or fruit on that conveyor belt) followed Reece's Pieces candy and a Pop Tarts ad?

And now, Rubik The Amazing Cube

The story: One night Carlos, Reynaldo and Lisa Rodriguez stumbled on a secret
that would change their lives. They rescued a colorful cube and solved his puzzle,
setting him free. In this one act the kids had made a friend for life.
His name is Rubik.

The title sequence theme song was performed by 80's boyband named after entrails, Menudo, who if you BOTHERED watching the video above this one, was also a featured act on ABC's 1983 Saturday Morning. See how they tied that all in? That's called synergy.

Well I could go on and on about the awesomeness that is Rubick the gleaming whathaveyou... but I don't have to! We have the internet, so someone already DID that for us. Everything you would EVER want to know about this non-video game tripped out abortion of an excuse for Saturday Morning Cartoon is available for you to read. Amazing thing this here internet.

Question though, if the Rubik cartoon was an advertisement, would you really want to buy a multicolored puzzle more or less after watching this show? Really, the more I think about this the more I fall into a bottomless vortex of unknowing pain and- wait. There were a lot more drugs in the early 80's, right? Got it now.

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