Aug 28, 2009

Playin' Games with Milton Bradley

Milton Bradley Accuses the Bleacher Bums of Booing His Skin Color, Not (Apparently) His 30 Million Dollar Salary For Piss Poor Performance

Dr. MLKing Jr. had a dream that one day we'll all live in a nation where we'll not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.

Well the content of Milton Bradley's character is puke.
He's a puke, his attitude is full all-out prima dona, he's terrible and he's over paid.

I never thought that the Cubs should have picked him up - and certianly not at that price tag. He's always injured, he's bleacher poison, and he's also got a tounge that flaps way too often.

And Jim Hendrey should be cut. Period.

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